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Regular practise of our T’ai Chi Sword has already helped many people cope with problem solving.

LFA T'ai Chi Sword Book
movements 1 - 108
£14.00 each
order on line today or through your class instructor

At the same time balance and co-ordination are improved and the joints of the body are kept flexible without strain. The T’ai Chi Sword provides an invisible shield of protection for the whole of the body

It subtly works on the hands, wrists and fingers promoting greater flexibility.Making this an ideal exercise for people suffering from arthritis.

Our T’ai Chi Sword set also sharpens the mentally faculties, increasing the practitioners ability to focus and concentrate.
The movements of the T’ai Chi Sword set are practised slowly with precision.

Dynamic breath control is also an important element of our sword set.

Our T’ai Chi Sword set is divided into two parts the first part is practised very slowly the second part moves like the wind, providing a unique balance of yin and yang. 

LFA T'ai Chi Sword DVD
movements 1 - 50
£14.00 each
order on line today or through your class instructor