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The T’ai Chi Silk teaches each of us the power of softness within gentle flowing circles. 

LFA T'ai Chi Silk DVD movements 1 - 50
£14.00 each
order on line or through your class instructor                      

The movements provide us with a cardio vascular workout, complimenting the slow movements of our T’ai Chi Form.

Balance is enhanced and co-ordination is continually improved, the softness and fluidity that people witness when they watch a demonstration of our T’ai Chi Silk is exceedingly deceptive.
The body is worked hard, yet all the time ensuring no undue strain is placed on it.

The T’ai Chi Silk is an excellent weight loss tool when used in conjunction with a controlled weight loss program.

LFA T'ai Chi Silk Book
movements 1 - 156
£14.00 each
order on line today or through your class instructor