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The word healing can sometime be a controversial one, when we start to talk about alternative medicine. I would like to assure you that we are not in competition with western medicine. However a question has to be asked, what do we do when the pills no longer work?

The media is full of reports of our N.H.S been over stretched, we are offering a way for you to help yourself. There are no side effects, and it may just make a difference to the quality of your life.
Surely there is everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Healing is not taught by all T'ai Chi Instructors, it takes many years of dedicated practise and experience. Within the LFA T'ai Chi Health Arts, no Instructor is a one man band. They have the full support of the LFA behind them and the knowledge of their Master Instructor Sheila Dickinson.

LFA T'ai Chi is built around a basic pattern of movements that help every part of the body.
In the case of specific healing Sheila is able to look at the individual person as a whole and work with them on the best  specialised exercises for their needs. Although you can gain from reading about an exercise or watching a video clip. It is the ability of Sheila to recognise that just a very slight adaptation may be needed. Once the exercises are learnt, you are able to practise them in the comfort of your own home. Sheila will continue to monitor your progress and modify the exercises as your health improves.

Chi Healing, involves Sheila laying her hands (the person remains fully clothed) on the area of congestion (the root cause of the pain). This section is not a magic wand, although it has been successfully used on people suffering from back, sciatica, hip and knee problems. Panic attacks, severe headaches, migraine etc. 
Sheila welcomes you to bring your partner along with you, so that you can work together on the improvement of your health.

Sheila teaches regular weekly T'ai Chi classes and monthly workshops. The LFA also have fully qualified T'ai Chi Instructors, able to teach you the movements of T'ai Chi