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Easter Course Friday 10th and Saturday 11th of April 2020

The starting place of our Easter Course is you!Suitable for beginners and experienced students.The aim of our two day event is to teach you techniques, made up of gentle movements and exercise. T'ai Chi is a unique type of movement targeting every joint and muscle group in the body without strain.We also incorporate specialised breathing techniques. That gently ease stress, relaxing the mind and calming the emotions.In addition to the above, utilising the lungs correctly also takes the strain off all the major organs of the body.The movements also continually work both sides of the brain. Helping to sharpen the mental faculties, improving the memory.We also work on the balance and co-ordination.You do not need any special equipment to attend, comfortable clothing and a smile are all you require.Good Friday 10th AprilOur day will start with a gentle warm up Everyone will practise one of our specialised breathing exercises. Later in the day you will have the option of choosing between learning our T'ai Chi Form (the foundation of our T'ai Chi) or our T'ai Chi Sword (focusses and strengthens the mind, improves balance and co-ordination).Everyone will practise balance and awareness techniques.

Saturday 11th AprilWe will start our day with a gentle warm up. Everyone will practise one of our specialised breathing exercises.Later in the day you will be given the option of practising our T'ai Chi Form, T'ai Chi Dance or Whip set.
The atmosphere in the training hall is always amazing on all of our day courses. Two days of training is something special. Our day courses are suitable for complete beginners to the more experienced student.