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Cabbage Poultice

In todays busy world we all want a quick fix, we live in a society where we pop a pill and expect to be cured. However this is not always the case. Often taking one pill creates a side effect where we need to take another pill to combat the side effect of the first one. 
The remedies offered on this website are not a magic wand, however they do offer an alternative. 

A cabbage poultice is an excellent way to reduce swelling

For example with swollen joints etc.

It does not matter what type of cabbage you use

Obviously if you have a large area to cover you need a larger cabbage leaf.

Remove the thick stem from the lower part of the leaf, next iron the cabbage leaf (making the leaf warm and pliable) apply to the area. Hold in place with a bandage and sleep overnight with it on.
Side effects, it can be a little smelly. 

A few years ago a lady from one of my instructors classes rang me and said that her mother who liked walking had caught her foot in a pot hole and her ankle had doubled in size. Her mother was taking part in a walk the following weekend that she really didn't want to miss.

I suggested she apply the cabbage poultice before going to bed, then renew it the following morning. I recommended that she repeat the process until the swelling went down. A week later the lady rang me to thank me on her mothers behalf. The cabbage poultice had worked and she took part in the walk.