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Hi, my name is Sheila Dickinson and I am President and Master Instructor of the LFA T'ai Chi Health Arts. Soon after attending my first T'ai Chi class I developed and have continued to have an amazing enthusiasm for the wonderful movements I learnt.
From personal experience I gained much more energy, I found an inner peace and a greater strength of mind and purpose to help me to deal with every day life.

The following is an extract that appears in each of my LFA T'ai Chi Health Art books as I feel it's important to pay tribute to my late Grand Master Chee Soo and the past Masters of our T'ai Chi Helath Arts.

I would not be teaching the Lee Family Arts without the guidance and patience of my late Grand Master Chee Soo, who spent most of his life teaching the Lee Family Arts.

Chee Soo is in my thoughts constantly and I offer my sincere thanks for receiving the benefit of his wisdom and understanding.
Chee Soo wrote five books published by the Aquarian Press, sadly at the time of writing only one title remains in print today ‘ The Chinese Art of T'ai Chi Chuan'.
In this book he traces the history of the Lee Style back to HO-Hsieh Lee circa 1,000 BC.
It is stated that the Lee Family have always been Taoists and that the Lee Style is a Yin and Yang style, this means that everything within it is in complete balance and harmony.
Chee Soo occasionally spoke of his own Grand Master, Chan Kam Lee and told of how they had met during 1934 in Hyde Park in London.
In those days there were very few Oriental people in London and the two became friends.
It was a friendship that would change Chee Soo's life forever. After Chan Kam Lee's death, Chee Soo dedicated himself to maintaining the knowledge and wisdom he had learnt from Chan Kam Lee.
While staying with my family and myself, Chee Soo talked to me about the future of the Lee Family Arts and the direction he wished them to take.
On Monday the 16th May 1994 Chee Soo asked me to give him my word that I would not let the Lee Family Arts die.
Sadly, Chee Soo died on the 29th August 1994.
It is with the greatest respect to Chee Soo that I offer my own writings and understanding of the lessons he taught me.

The names of LFA Tai Chi instructors who have trained, qualified and still maintain their own training can be obtained from the Lee Family Arts official register of qualified instructors.
The LFA can only vouch for the quality and content of that which is taught within an official LFA registered class.