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LFA Summer Course at Hull University Sports Centre

I have waited a long time to share the information that will be taught during our 2017 Summer Course. Everyone who attends will move light years in their personal training.
Come for all 5 days and enjoy the building energising experience that each day can add to your understanding and knowledge.
You are also welcome to attend individual days.

Please read our course itinerary at the bottom of this page

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LFA Tai Chi Summer Course 2017
LFA Tai Chi Summer Course 2017

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Summertime Tai Chi
A day of relaxation and enjoyment at tai chi

In T'ai Chi their is a harmony within all things. Although we focus on our training we also have fun. Providing a true balance of yin and yang

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Summer Meeting Tai Chi 2016
Summer Meeting Tai Chi 2016

I am really looking forward to sharing this knowledge with others

Summer Course Sat 22nd, Sun 23rd, Mon 24th, Tues 25th, Wed 26th July 2017
Hull University Sports Centre, Inglemire Lane, Hull (Large Car Park)

Every day is a T’ai Chi Day

This course is suitable for beginners

Please book in advance for this course, contact Sheila Dickinson or through your class instructor.

Saturday 22nd July 
A day of personal discovery -  How to use the 8 Core Elements of  the T’ai Chi Form to destress the mind and ensure deep restful sleep. We also use Chi Kung (Lee style yoga) to consolidate and improve the health and well being of the individual. 
In the afternoon you will be given the option of continuing with your T’ai Chi Form or increase your fitness levels with level one of the T’ai Chi Flying Knives or T’ai Chi Fan set.

Sunday 23rd July
The morning  will start with a 15 minute  guided meditation session taught by Sheila a relaxed mind is a more focussed mind
 Followed by an opportunity to apply the meditation to your T’ai Chi Form and Chi Kung (Lee style yoga).
In the afternoon you will be given the option of continuing with your T’ai Chi Form or strengthen your mind focus using the  movements of the 8 Core Elements of the T’ai Chi Sword.

Monday 24th July
Increase your stamina and  energy levels, make tiredness and fatigue a thing of the past by using the 8 Core Elements of our T’ai Chi Dance. For people wishing to take a more chilled out approach you will have the opportunity to practise our T’ai Chi Form.
In the afternoon an in-depth approach to Chi Kung (Lee style yoga) focussing on the  relaxation of the mind. Followed by the options of practising our T’ai Chi Stick or Form.

Tuesday 25th July
A free day to practise your nunchaku’s, silk, form, stick, sword,

Wednesday 26th July
We will endeavour to help every person who attends with their specific health requests. Please write down your needs which will be kept confidential. Movements from specialised sequences within the Form and with in our Chi Kung (Lee style yoga) will be used. Please bring paper and a pen with you so that you are able to continue to gain the benefits of the specific movements at home.

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Sat         Sun    Mon     Tues    Wed        All 5 days

Cost £25 per day £100 for all 5 days   If you have never attended an LFA course before 2 can come for the price of 1

Time 10.00 am - 12.30 1.00pm - 3.30pm  Free tea and coffee provided by the LFA (you will need a packed lunch)
Sheila 115 Inmans Road Hedon Hull HU12 8LL tel 07904526944 or email sheila@taichihull.co.uk

Health Issues to be filled in by people attending on Wednesday the 26th July 2017