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Sheila Dickinson now holds the Guinness Book of World Record Title for the Longest T'ai Chi Marathon.
Verified on the 8th of June 2018.

Summer Course 2018 Saturday 21st July, Sunday 22nd July, Monday 23rd July, Tuesday 24th July, Wednesday 25th July

Attend for 1 day or all 5 days
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LFA Tai Chi 3 weeks to Summer Course 2018
LFA Tai Chi 3 weeks to Summer Course 2018

Life shouldn't be full of pressure and strain, life is to be enjoyed and lived to the full. Why not try LFA T'ai Chi for yourself and see how good you feel, learn the forgotten secrets of these arts !
Attend a weekly class, visit a day course or practise from one of our books or DVD's in the comfort of your own home

Not all T'ai Chi is the same, the Lee Family Arts are taught purely for health.
Build your energy levels, improve your vitality.

If you are looking for a powerful healing solution to give you more energy. We will teach you in easy to follow steps.

The Lee Family arts are all about families
We teach youngsters to people over 80 years of age
Join us today and become one of our ever increasing family