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Lee Style Tai Chi - Learn How to Improve Your Health
Http://www.lfataichi.com Lee Style Tai Chi Lee Style Tai Chi click on the link above to learn the first 5 movements of the Lee Style Tai Chi its broken down into step by step format so anyone wi...

Tai Chi in Hull, my name is Sheila Dickinson and I am President and Master Instructor of the Lee Family Arts. I have been teaching and studying the Lee Style of Tai Chi for over twenty five years.
I have an abundant supply of energy, I teach weekly Tai Chi classes, day courses both in Hull and Scotland, I continually write books and articles on the Lee Style of Tai Chi. I help look after my grandchildren several days a week, I enjoy my life to the full.

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Summertime Tai Chi
A day of relaxation and enjoyment at tai chi
BOOKS £14.00 order on line today or through your class instructor

If you are looking for a powerful healing solution that will give you more energy and strength than you have ever experienced before then try a class and see for yourself and see how good you feel.

Ask yourself the question do you suffer from headaches?
Stress or just general aches and pains in your body. We live in a world of ever increasing pressures. A world in which both parents have to work to pay the bills, then off to the gym to pound the treadmill.
Stop and think about the long term impact on your body, I teach body builders, with weakened backs, runners with damaged knees. You need the joints of your body to last a life time. You need enough energy to enjoy the fun things in life. You need relaxation techniques to keep the stress at bay, you only have one life live it!

Your children deserve the very best, look after yourself, so you have the energy to work and play with them

We have breathing exercises, acupressure points that can help, once learnt the techniques can last you a life time.

Within the Lee Family Arts we teach the Tai Chi Form to ease stress. We also teach fun faster moving sets, that work the cardiovascular system, without impacting strain on the body. The Tai Chi Stick, Silk, Dance, Fan, Sword, Nunchaku and Flying Knives Set all taught for health.

The Lee Family Arts are all about families

We teach youngsters to people over 80 years of age

Join us today and become one of our ever increasing family

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Lee Style Tai Chi - Video Article
http//www.lfataichi.comLee Style Tai Chi would you start doing Lee Style Tai Chi? The response will be because it's the ultimate self help healing experiences. Devised over three thousand years a...